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We follow the rulesSearch Engine Optimization Results
We do not use any tricks or “black hat” methods to obtain rankings quickly. Tricks and unethical practices can sometimes get you ranking on the first page of Google, but they will usually get you banned from the search engine. We build your SEO credibility with “white hat” practices that will secure you top rankings for the long term.

Audits can be good
Our SEO services always begin with an in-depth content and technical audit of your website. The results of our audit will provide the detailed information we need to get your website into peak SEO shape.

Original content is key
They say content is king, but really it’s original, quality content that rules the kingdom. We will work with you to create stellar original content for your website that will attract the search engines and increase your rankings.

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Get Rankings Fast

                                                                                                                                                                     Use targeted ads to attract more customers

Gain A Marketing TeamPay Per Click Services
Our staff of talented, certified paid search professions will become and extension of your marketing team. With hands on management of all our Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts, we are able to consistently increase conversions and reduce the amount per click.

Fast Results
While your SEO changes are taking affect and moving your site up the rankings, we can mix in some PPC mojo to provide some immediate visibility in the search engines and start bringing in paying customers sooner.

We Have A System
As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it…”, same goes for our PPC process. Once our 5 step process is implemented, we’ll have your paid search marketing running like a well oiled machine. Our 5 steps consist of:

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Become a Social ButterflySocialHeader

Use Social Media to stay in front of customers

SocialButterflyMaintain Control
Social media has made controlling your marketing messages much more difficult than the days of traditional media. An unhappy customer can quickly take to social media to spread the word about their bad experience…even if it wasn’t the businesses fault.  Staying involved with your “social presence” can head these incidents off at the pass and help spread the positive messages you want to hit your customer base.

Planning Committee
Margaret Thatcher once said ” Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan”.  Our team of social media experts will help you put together a plan that makes sense for your business and the resources you have to use for a social media initiative.

We Love It When A Plan Comes Together
Just like the other areas of your Search Marketing initiatives tracking is the key to attaining success. We will make sure the social media plan we devised with you is being executed properly and report on the monthly progress the initiative is yielding.

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                                                                                                            LocalSearchHeader                                                                                           Locally Owned & Operated

                                                                                                                                                           Increase your business with Local Search optimization

Profile OptimizationLocalSearchMap
People are looking for your business! We will make sure your profile shows up when they search. We’ll create a Google Places profile for your business, optimize it and promote it. This is about more than just rankings, this is about driving customers to your business.

Get Mapped
When people search locally, they use their phone, and they search using a Maps application. We blend Maps optimization, mobile optimization, and SEO to bring you the most customers you can handle.

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